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Cat Owners Are Often Perplexed When They See Their Meat-Loving Pets Nibbling On Greenery Inside Or Outside The Home. According To Veterinarians, The Craving Is Actually Quite Normal. Cats Crave A Grassy Treat, They Say, Because It Adds Much-Needed Roughage To Their Carnivorous Diets. Plant Fiber Helps Regulate Motility Of The Gi (Gastrointestinal) Tract, Reduces Hairball Formation And Even Provides Some Necessary Vitamins And Minerals. Highlights ? Helps To Regulate Motility Of The Gastrointestinal Tract Reducing Hairball Formation ? Specially Formulated To Add Much-Needed Roughage To Their Carnivorous Diets ? Helps To Keep Your Cats Away From Houseplants

Bioline Catgrass Kit 12gm

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