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Ear Drops, Cat Ear Medication, Dog Ear Drops, Ear Drops Ear Drops Remedy For Ear Mites (Ear Parasites) Which Are More Commonly Known As "Ear Mites" Using Natural Extracts Processed With German Technology. The Unique Ear Canal System In Cats Causes Cat Ears To Become Frequently Moist And A Breeding Ground For Bacteria And Parasites. These Parasites And Bacteria Cause Odor And Itching And Sometimes Infections. Ear Mite Oil, Which Is Made From A Mixture Of Oil Extracts From Various Plants, Functions To Remove These Bacteria And Parasites And Eliminate Itching And Unpleasant Odors, As Well As To Prevent Infection In The Cat'S Ear Canal. Ear Mite Oil Products Have Passed Various Safety Tests, Are Gentle And Do Not Cause Side Effects.

Bioline Ear Mite Treatment

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