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Bioline Finger Brush Set 2Pcs (Finger Toothbrush) This Finger Toothbrush Is Very Easy To Use, Just Insert It Into Your Finger And Rub It Into Your Pet'S Mouth. Its Reach Is Wider And Can Follow The Grooves Of Our Pets Studies Show That 98 % Of Dogs With Bad Breath Are Suffering From Periodontal Disease, A Result Of Plaque Build Up. If Left Untreated, This Can Lead To A Bacteria Infection, Which Can Enter The Bloodstream And Spread To Your Pet'S Kidney, Liver, Heart And Even Their Brain. Chances Are If Your Pet Has Very Bad Breath, There Is A Problem With Its Teeth. Feeding Your Pet Dry Food Is One Way To Help Keep His Teeth Healthier, But The Safest Way To Keep Your Pets Teeth In Good Conditions Is By Brushing Them. Many Liquid Products Claim To Do The Trick, But Its The Mechanical Action From Brushing As Really Do The Trick.

Bioline Finger Tooth Brush Set

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