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Cat Fest Pillows With Shrimp Cream

A delicious combination of crispy crust and delicate filling makes this a cat?s favorite treat. Thanks to their porous structure, they are also great for keeping cat?s teeth clean.


Ingredients (shrimp):


corn meal, potato meal, rice meal, soybean protein isolate, egg yolk meal, flour, shrimp meal, fish meal, shortening, soybean oil, fruit and vegetable seeds, and products (pomegranate seed meal, cranberry meal).


Guaranteed analysis, % (shrimp):

protein ? 20%, fat ? 15%, fiber ? 2.5%, ash ? 5%, moisture ? 10%.

Cat Fest Pillows With Shrimp Cream-30 gm

AED6.50 Regular Price
AED5.53Sale Price
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