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Pet Water Feeder



Best choice for your cat & dog



? 3 liter large capacity


? Elegant 3 tier flowing design with large drinking area easy for pet to drink


? Water shortage alert sensor (Optinal)


? Water level indicator


? Circulating fresh & healthy water through carbon catridge


? Super silent pump head, safe & reliable



Professional Water Feeder



Usage Instructions:



1. Remove the feeder cover, take out the filter wool and clean.


2. Before first use, rinse the filter wool under the running water. Do not use soap or detergent.


3. Insert the filter wool into the water bowl as shown.


4. When there is any abnormal noise, take out the wire holder and remove the power head, Check the impeller and clean the power head, then re-assemble the power head into the water bowel


5. While using, fill the water as per the water level. [Max and Min).



The min water level should not below the power head. Low water will create noise or even damage the power head.

KW Zone Mango Pet Water Feeder Fountain Bowl 3L

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