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Waterlife White Spot & Fungus (Protozin) medicine is suitable for use in the treatment of Oodinium (Velvet), Costiasis, Trichodiniasis and Neon Tetra Disease in cold water and tropical aquariums. It does not harm fish, plants or filters.It is a 4 day course and should be added to your tank on days 1, 2, 3 and 6.2.5ml of Waterlife White Spot & Fungus should be used for every 75 litres of aquarium water. If fry or sensitive species are present dosage should be halved.This product should not be used simultaneously with other medications and should not be used within 4 days of Myxazin (Fin Rot & Ulcer treatment).Please remove zeolite and carbon from your filtration before you add this medication to your tank and switch off UV sterilisers and ozonisers.NB - This product must not be used in aquaria containing African Mormyrids (i.e. Elephant Longnose etc), Piranha, Rays, Sturgeon/Sterlets, Snails, Shrimps or when related species are present.This product is an irritant. Please read the instructions in full.

WaterLife Protozin-Treats White Spot & Fungs-100 ml

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